As we have heard that ‘Unity is oneness of purpose, not sameness of persons’, where individualities combine and forms a team with unity. Unity created with strength, that results in progress, victory and development.

Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, also known as the ‘Land of Poorams’, blessed with diverse cultures, festivals and people from different walks of life. A place indeed with Unity among Diversities.
In 20I8, Kerala witnessed the worst disaster ever. Floods that swept away the well being and peace of people, causing hardships for survival and major losses. Thrissur was one of the worst affected place. But as they say, Life begins where fear ends people voluntarily came forward serving in duties such as shifting people to rescue camps, house cleaning, damage repair works, food distribution, camp servings etc which were depicted as the celebration of Humanity.

In Thrissur more than 29000 people including students, politicians, Government Officials, Celebrities, business class and all walks of people took part in life saving missions. Inspired by these efforts and witnessing the potential of such voluntary groups, the District Administration have decided to take up the mission “My Thrissur”

My Thrissur, in-short Mythri, is a mission of fraternity that gives platform for the citizens of Thrissur to stand up and deliver their services and social commitments for a better society. People of all age, caste, gender can be a part of this. Similar projects have been done, recently in Kozhikode known as “compassionate Kozhikode” that aims to ensure the participation of volunteers by feeding the hungry, cleaning ponds, providing school bags and books, and conducting career counseling for the needy.

This time the District Administration have initiated this mission and taking voluntary participation in all the activities being an encouragement themselves with the rest of all.

My Thrissur is the first step towards a better society, ie, well balanced , well developed ….

Come forward: Be part of this effort: Let us together help to build a better place: